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BACK WITH BAGGAGE // a GLEE 10 year reunion rpg

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Name:Back With Baggage
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This RP verse community transfers from [ profile] backwithbaggage @ livejournal on 7th August 2012. All RP prior to this date is archived there in full, and on this journal in text only.

a glee 10 year reunion rpg
It is no secret that New Directions flew back home to Lima from Nationals in silence after losing their Glee Club competition at the end of their Junior year. It is no secret that mixed with their friendship and love for each other, there has always been a thread of envy and conflict bubbling under the surface. But what if, one day, that exploded and left their tight-knit group shattered into a million pieces?

A year after the infamous trip to New York, New Directions finally won Nationals at the end of their Senior Year. It was a victory that turned out to be bittersweet, when, during the celebrations back in Lima, too much alcohol fueled open honesty and started an avalanche of feelings and hometruths pouring to the surface. In a dramatic turn of events, the whole glee club ended up in a huge and soul-shattering argument. At the end of that night, not a single member of the New Directions remained in touch, and they all walked away in a new direction of their own. Alone. Not even unexpected power-couple of McKinley Senior Year, Kurt and Blaine, survived the downfall, and broke their promise to never say goodbye, parting ways heartbroken.

It's now 10 years later. Out of the blue, all members of New Directions (now in their late twenties) suddenly receive a message via Facebook from their beloved Glee Club and Spanish teacher, Will Schuester. He is arranging the McKinley 10 year reunion and signs the invitation with a plea that it would "mean the world" for all "his kids" to come home for "one special night". One by one, all members accept and arrive in Glee choir room as directed in the invite.

But what no one realises is that everyone in that room is back with a secret, including Mr Schue himself.

This is a 10 year GLEE reunion RPG - with a twist. All characters must enter the game with a distinct secret from their ten years since leaving McKinley, and must reveal it at some point in the plot. No character is to have kept in touch with each other. They are meeting and talking for the first time since their massive fight and the end of their McKinley years. From there on, players are free to weave whatever tale they please.

Players are free to chat and plot in the OOC community (baggageooc) about past or future ships, how they would like to see their character react to seeing each other again for the first time in so many years. OOCs are welcome, but must have had an established place at McKinley during the New Directions years, without having been a part of New Directions (we do not wish to intervene on current canon to-date). This universe assumes that Blaine transferred from Dalton to McKinley for his Senior year.

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